In 1995, after 12 years in the specialty beer business working for brewers, distributors and retailers, the RavenBrands company established itself as an independent broker for a handful of craft beers.

Five years later RavenBrands added the Raven Import Co. to its portfolio and began to take on private import rights to European beer brands. The RavenBrands philosophy has always been to represent brands of the highest quality. In addition, each brand must be distinctive and represent the best in its style. The RavenBrands portfolio encompasses brands that compliment each other and can be used in its entirety on any restaurant's or retailer's beer list.

We hope you find the following pages helpful. Each beer page contains information about the beers' origin and taste profile. High resolution art and bar code information can be found in the resellers section.

Retailers and Wholesalers, please contact us for further information.

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